What Cover Is Right For You?


Cover for your entire credit portfolio, including domestic and export customers. The policy can be extended to cover offshore political risks and post-shipment contract repudiation, pre-shipment manufacturing risks and a range of industry-specific adaptations.
Selective - Key Accounts
For businesses requiring protection on their largest debtors.

Excess of Loss
For businesses with strong internal credit management processes seeking cover for exceptional loss across their entire portfolio.

Selective - Single Buyer
For quality credit risks only protecting an individual contract or debtor.

Export & Political Risks (outside of Australia & New Zealand)
Protection for export clients. When an overseas buyer doesn’t want to use a Letter of Credit and prefers to trade on Open Account or Documentary Collection basis, Export Credit Insurance cover is the prudent alternative. We can arrange cover against the following export and political risk events:
  • Contract Frustration due to war, riots etc.
  • Repudiation by the Buyer – this is a real risk especially in cases of high price or currency fluctuation
  • Insolvency of or Non-payment by the Buyer
  • Inconvertibility of Currency
  • Cancellation of Import/Export Licenses
  • Default by Government-owned Buyer
  • Contract Cancellation by Buyer's Government